When Great Ideas Meet Inaction:

Supporting Smart, Sensitive, Stuck OTs

OTs with big ideas,

let's get into



OTs, and allied helping professionals, I invite you to join me in exploring how to move forward with your fantastic ideas, life changes, career shifts, innovations, and more when "imposter syndrome", self-doubt, perfectionism, wheel-spinning, and overthinking are getting in the way.  

Let's get those internal obstacles out of the way so that you can Rise & Live Fully!

From one heart-centred OT to another, my life changed when I started applying the evidence-based strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to the way I was approaching my life including my business. Loads of mindfulness, self-compassion, and knowing and living your values. 

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What would you in the next 6 months if fear of failure and overthinking were no longer obstacles?

If you are feeling yourself moving toward burnout and stuck in preparation or unhelpful patterns of behaviour because your Imposter Monster is getting a little loud AND you want to find a way to find confidence in moving forward with vitality-building actions, and live more intentionally, aligned with your values, this is for you.

Come and learn some evidence-based skills to overcome those limiting internal experiences, fears, and not-good-enough thoughts so you can take control of your actions and move forward with your big ideas!

Join me to learn new ways to overcome the inevitable inner obstacles to making the important, vitality-building changes you want to make.

Let's get you THRIVING!

 3 Steps to Get into ACTion

Notice and Make Room

With self-compassion, turn toward the difficult feelings and thoughts that are coming up. Notice your drive to suppress the feelings and avoid the associated actions.


If needed, make the thoughts and feelings a little less sticky. Use unhooking strategies rather than trying to change them.

Move Toward

With deeper knowledge of yourself and how you want to show up in this life, move forward intentionally, live your purpose.

Hi. I'm Carlyn and it is an honour to share with you because you give so much.

I work with OTs to move from the path to burnout toward building resilience, fulfillment, and vitality using ACT combined with tried and true behaviour change strategies learned in more than 20 years of clinical practice.

As an occupational therapist, I've helped hundreds of people get back to life following significant mental health impairments. 

I have been able to apply much of this experience in a personal development coaching capacity, proactively supporting those who can have the most impact on others.  

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