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 Let's build authenticity, fulfillment, and vitality in the way you live and work.

Supporting Occupational Therapists 
in a Way Only Another OT Can.

Helping visionary OTs blossom is my passion. 

 You care deeply, are big thinkers, and are full of great ideas. I am here to help if you are struggling to realize these aspirations due to fear of failure, imposter syndrome, or perfectionism so you can turn from avoidance and inaction toward trailblazing in order to work and live with authenticity, fulfillment and vitality. 

Using evidence-based practices to promote intentional living, resilience, flexibility, confidence, and vitality, I am proud to be proactively supporting OTs who give so much. 

The ripple effect that comes from helping the helpers is tremendous and motivates me to keep serving you.
Get Out of Your Head and Into Intentional Action to Build Vitality
In the guide you'll learn strategies to:

Build Awareness
Combining mindfulness skills and journaling to clarify your values, priorities, and notice the things that elevate you as well as the things that weigh you down. Build your ability to observe curiously.
Take Action
Commit to engaging in small steps toward intentional, values-directed living. Do more of what matters to you, even in small increments. Build it into your daily plan with the planner pages included.
Manage Obstacles
Use unhooking skills from ACT to manage the difficult thoughts and feelings that come up and pull you away from doing the things that create more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. 
My own therapist once asked me, "In order be able to keep doing the work that you do, what will you do for yourself?"
Helping professionals are at higher risk for burnout than many other occupational groups. Long hours, limited control over the incoming work, high consequence of error, working in systems that can't meet the demands of those they help, and many more factors contribute to this phenomenon. The pandemic has magnified these risk factors.

We are often reluctant to seek proactive support because we are equipped with many tools. 
Knowing and doing are two different things. I love supporting OTs to take committed action with new ways of approaching old problems, tools for implementation, and accountability for follow through.
  Let me help you.
Useful, Ready-to-Go Resources...
Download the guide, and you will receive:

Planner Pages
Printable planner pages from our #1 bestselling personal development planner
Journal Prompts
Prompts for written reflection on the values that inform vitality- building goals
Defusion Tools
Strategies to manage sticky thinking like imposter syndrome and perfectionism
Steps by Step
Steps to bring it all together in order to get unstuck, build resilience, fulfillment, and vitality
I'm Carlyn and I'm excited that you're here because that means you're actively moving in the direction adding to your repertoire of skills and gathering resources to support your own growth! I've gathered many evidence-based resources to improve your resilience and VITALITY.
Supporting other OTs Rise and Live Fully is something I'm passionate about. I love that helping you take all of those great ideas, value, and intentions and put them into action not only helps you find more fulfillment, meaning and purpose but it helps those you serve and it elevates our profession. 

Many of the concepts in the guide are from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and I combine them with all the practical strategies I've learned over the years to turn knowledge into action.

With more than 18 years in practice as an occupational therapist primarily focused on mental health in high achieving adults. I am typically asked to work with clients when burnout has escalated to the mental and physical illnesses that occur when the sympathetic nervous system has been strained for far too long.

Translating what I have learned in my mental health practice to support OTs proactively, I have made it my mission to raise awareness, skills, and actionable steps toward improved wellbeing in other occupational therapists on an international scale. With greater resilience, flexibility, and clarity of values, occupational therapists can elevate their personal and professional lives in unique and impactful ways.

I value authentic connection and creating spaces where we can share our experiences and elevate eachother so that we can all continue engage fully in all of our valued occupations. I have been grateful to have the opportunity to do so by speaking at universities, workplaces, in courses, and workshops, as well as on podcasts, and in online communities to creates a ripple effect of resilience, community, and growth.

This approach works!

Michelle, Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Private Practice
As a result of this training, I shifted my business model, started writing the 
book I’ve been procrastinating for years, boosted my income, made real connections, learned how my values affect my decision making and more.

I am incredibly grateful for Carlyn’s ACTivate Vitality program. For me, this course was the impetus for many shifts and changes in both my personal and professional life. As a result of this training, I shifted my business model, started writing the book I’ve been procrastinating for years, boosted my income, made real connections, learned how my values affect my decision making and more. Prior to ACTivate [Vitality: Rise and Live Fully], I was really struggling with many aspects of balancing my wildly creative therapeutic side with the robust aspect of my business responsibilities. I now have confidence in myself in ways I know will allow me to grow my business and serve more people. It’s also been personally rewarding as it has helped me be more present with my teenage daughters. Thank you Carlyn, I also know what I value and I like myself a whole lot more, for me this is highly valuable.  
She went on to say:
Thank you very much.
Book is being published in February, I started my online component and marketed the services better, and I grew as a person. I felt heard and seen and that was something that had been lacking in my life for a long time. People assume I’m bulletproof because of my personality and confidence, well I still need my cup filled and your training did way more than that for me.





Personal Growth

Professional Growth



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