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You can get off the path to burnout and find more balance, fulfillment and vitality in your life.

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Let’s be honest, being an OT isn’t easy — especially recently.

As a business owner, you feel a lot of pressure to provide.

Provide for your clients.

Provide for their families.

Provide for your family.

Provide for any employees.

Accept the referrals that come your way.

And somewhere along the way you lost track of providing for your own needs, creating the type of business that feels energizing rather than depleting.

It’s hard to grow and thrive to reach your full potential when things like exhaustion, self-doubt, fear of failure, lack of support, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism keep you stuck.

It’s exhausting, and it’s leading too many OTs down the path to burnout.

You’re passionate and care deeply about your clients. You have great ideas and a desire to make an impact… not just for your clients, but for your community and the world.

But… when you’re on the verge of burnout, making an impact is easier said than done, right?

It doesn’t have to be this way — you can overcome these stumbling blocks and find your unique groove, blaze trails, and do what you love the most. You can experience authenticity, fulfillment, and vitality.

And the best news yet? You don’t have to shut down your business to start living the vibrant life you desire.

Moving from feeling overwhelmed and overloaded to finding flow isn't as hard as you may think, as long as you have the right support.

The Banish Burnout & Find Your Mojo Mini Book is a starting point in your journey to living and working with more intention and in alignment with your values. It will help you identify which of the 12 Phases of Burnout you are in and help you start making changes.

The Downloadable Banish Burnout Mini Book Includes:

Planner Pages

Printable planner pages from our #1 bestselling personal development planner

12 Phases

Identify where you are in the 12 Phases of Burnout with an evidence-based tool

Clear Guidance

Strategies to start addressing burnout based on your phase of burnout


Tools to help you build more awareness and intentionality to your time use

You don’t have to be facing extreme burnout to benefit.

In fact, as OTs, we understand the power of prevention, right? Apply this knowledge and get the support and tools you need now to help you avoid the slippery slope of burnout.

You’ll benefit from evidence-based practices that promote intentional living, resilience, flexibility, confidence, and vitality. You’ll learn to apply these skills to your daily life and start your growth and transformation.

The ripple effect from helping the helpers is tremendous! You help so many people, and it’s time someone helped you.

Download your free guide today and start your journey toward vitality.

What My Clients Are Saying:

"I just want to thank you for giving me a place to be messy, to fail, to reflect. I love reflection and awareness and, as it says on this page, it's the reflection and then moving forward with intention... It took me quite a while to see it, for this awareness to really set it and to really understand what it meant to live within my values. And to recognize that just because other people hustle, and it works for them. [Hustling], on a long term basis, is detrimental to my mental health and having weeks of high productivity and weeks of nothingvis actually super detrimental to my mental health. And I just I just can't even tell you how much this awareness is positively impacting my life. Thank you for having your own courage to create planner, to create the group, to build in accountability and to allow me to show up in my life in a way that is going to serve me long term. And having the belief that growth in my business will come as I put myself in my priorities first."

– Ashley, Occupational Therapist, Business Owner

“I am learning strategies to help through tough moments and always know that not only do I have an amazing mental health coach who is walking this journey with me but also a group of others who are connecting and sharing the space. The community of our group is diverse and Carlyn has created such a non judgmental, safe space for us to process, grow, and transform. I am forever grateful for our work together. I love working with an OT, as I truly know our brains work so differently, and being able to process with someone who “gets” my mind on a foundational level is vital!”

– Erin T, Occupational Therapist, Business Owner

Get off the path to burnout and transform your life and business, one small step at a time, starting with the Banish Burnout & Find Your Mojo Mini Book

This mini book gives you strategies to:

Build Awareness

Which of the 12 Phases of Burnout are you in? Notice how your day to day occupations impact you. What lights you up? What exhausts you?

Take Action

You commit to taking small steps toward values-directed living. Start taking care of yourself differently and intentionally engage in what matters to you, building it into your daily plan using the planner pages from the Mini Book


Build a community of support around your growth. It is so much easier to make changes when you are spending time with others who are moving in the direction you intend to move.

My own therapist once asked me, "To continue the work you do, what will you do for yourself?"

Occupational therapists who own businesses are at high risk for burnout for many reasons:

  • Unrealistic productivity expectations

  • High consequence of error

  • Difficulty turning down work

  • Working in systems that don’t fully meet people’s needs

  • High achievers who tend toward perfectionism when the going gets tough

The pandemic has magnified these risks.

OTs and other helping professionals — like you — are often reluctant to seek proactive support.

But you know prevention and early treatment helps in any situation.

The Banish Burnout & Find Your Mojo Mini Book is your first step into living with greater intention and vitality. Provide support for yourself so you can continue to do the work you love.

Helping visionary OTs move from burning out to living and working in vitality is my passion.

Hey there,

I’m Carlyn and I’m excited you’re here, because it means you’re actively moving toward more vitality and fulfillment. You’re gathering resources and adding to your skillset to create the life you deeply desire.

I’ve spent more than 19 years in practice as an OT primarily focused on mental health in high-achieving adults. I typically started working with clients when burnout had escalated to a debilitating level, requiring them to leave the workplace. My clients experienced the physical and mental effects of a sympathetic nervous system that was strained for far too long.

But I really want to help you early — before the problem escalates to the point of quitting your job, losing your marriage, or developing a severe mental illness. I’ve gathered many evidence-based resources to improve your resilience and vitality, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

There’s so much hope and potential when you make changes early.

You don’t have to slide into overwhelm, exhaustion, and total shut-down.

You can move toward authenticity, fulfillment, and vitality in your business and your life - starting today!


Does The ACTivate Vitality Approach Work?

Get your free Banish Burnout Mini Book today, and start applying these principles to experience more balance, flow, fulfillment, and vitality in your life.

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